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Welcome to the First Choice Mortgage Brokers website. The premier Mortgage Brokers in Australia.

First Choice Mortgage Brokers offers services across each of the major capital cities in Australia, including Sydney, Central Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Townsville.

Our Mortgage Brokers are available to visit you at your workplace, home, or location of convenience to discuss your current situation and how First Choice Mortgage Brokers can assist. Get in touch with First Choice Mortgage Brokers to discuss the opportunities a Mortgage Broker can give you.


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Our mortgage brokers offer FREE financial services helping you Buy Your First Home, Buy an Investment Property, Refinance, secure a Business Loan or get Risk Insurance. We're here to help; speak to one of our mortgage brokers today!


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Our qualified and highly experienced mortgage brokers utilise integrity, industry knowledge and a vast network of resources within the property mortgages sector.


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Comprehensive client consultation will enable First Choice Mortgage Brokers to ensure that your needs are met with the right kind of advice.

Client Reviews

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me out with the refinance of my home loan. Everything went so smoothly and you guys kept me in the loop the entire time which is everything I could have asked for. The service at First Choice Mortgage Brokers is exemplary and I am always sure to bring it up if anyone asks me for mortgage broker recommendations 🙂
Mary – Woolooware NSW
Beth’s professionalism, approachability, and guidance through the whole process was absolutely fantastic. Even though there were several hurdles – such as working with NAB for the guarantor loan, Beth really helped drive the outcome and secured our loan so that we could hit our settlement date. We felt that Beth was just as invested in the success as we were, and is an absolute asset to First Choice Mortgage. We could not have done it without her! Elise and I would definitely return to work with Beth and First Choice Mortgage for any future mortgage finance needs.
Matt & Elise
Thank you for your time today on the phone and the detailed discussion of our home loan status.Further to our conversation, Tim & I would like to pass on our congratulations to Barbara Mourga, on her extremely timely and professional help with our particular ‘scenario’.
Melissa & Tim
I know this has come a little late but we wanted to thank everyone there so much for all of the help you were able to offer us during our home purchase. We are loving our new home and were really thrilled that everything worked out ok with the documentation and settlement.
Avril and Mike
I would like to personally recommend Finance made Easy to anyone looking at new home loans or refinancing. This company were fantastic. Although they are in NSW everything was done over the phone, the managing director Tony Bice phoned me personally several times throughout the process
Kerry and Gary Foulis
We cant tell you enough how happy we are to have dealt with you and your staff, Especially Lyndall .Thank you so much
Kerry and Gary Foulis
They are just the best to deal with.  I am so glad I was given your companies number!
Angel Evans
Although belated, (I have been absent for the past 3 weeks) I would like to pass on our gratitude for the assistance you have provided with the purchase of our home. The gift basket was a lovely touch, and indicative of the personal customer service we have been afforded by yourself, Barbara, Taryn and everyone else we have dealt with.
Brad Pearson
We had a lovely hamper arrive on our doorstep today!  What a nice surprise – and a lovely gesture.  Love it – can’t wait to test out the champagne and choccies.   Thank you for the gift – pleasure doing business with you guys – will be sure to pass on any recommendations to friends.
Sharon and Darren Quandt
Haha! Hmmm, marginally better, I certainly feel reassured that we technically only have one last hurdle to jump. Seeing the words ‘not a guarantee’ only gave me slight reason to stress.You’ve been wonderful, I really appreciate your patience and understanding. Not many people would be prepared to put up with that!
Kelly Pearson
So happy to hear some good news for you… I was quietly confident…. but we don't cheer until it is in writing.Still have to wait for a good val in SA – great news they aren’t doing a val on NSW – shows they are happy with the price you are paying! They do their research you know – more than likely that would have seen that you gotten it under market as they are more comfortable.
I received today a lovely congratulatory gift from both of you, which I thank you both for very much.Your excellence in professionalism, communication and assistance all the way through, with Taryn continually keeping me posted, alleviating my anxiety, and assisting to ensure that all was done in possibly one fo the quickest settlements you may have experienced.
Cheryl Bigini
After much thought we’ve decided that we’re better off selling the flat as we wouldnt be able to keep it and buy another place so rather than keep putting money into something we’re going to sell in 12 months, best to do it now and add to the equity – should be between $170 – 200k – and then buy a place when we get back home.
Bridie Read
My apologies for not getting back to you earlier this week as promised.Danijela and I went through the life insurance documents and we realised that we need to have a proper chat with either yourself or Lyndal again regarding this matter.
Serg and Daniella
I really sorry I haven’t written sooner but Ive been flat out working and renovating I haven’t had time to scratch myself.I just wanted to say I really appreciate everything lyndal, anna and yourself did in regards to my loan and my finance protection.
Michael Richards
Good to talk to you yesterday and thanks for your help with the new House. Tarryn, Lyndal and yourself have been a pleasure to deal with.Can you please fire through the breakdown of weekly cost for each of the four areas you outline below and which institution they would be with. As per usual I’d like to do some checks prior to committing.
Neil Masters
Dane and I got home from work yesterday to find a little hamper from you, that was a lovely surprise – thank you so much!Thank you to your team for finding us a great home loan and also sorting out our insurance. Your team has been excellent and we very much appreciate everything you’ve helped us with, particularly considering this was our first home so we really had no idea what the hell we were doing!!!
Rhianna Murray
I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help…I picked up the keys this afternoon, very happy I have my own home!
Christine Smits
Thanks for all you help with this, Anna – we’re really pleased!
Elisabeth Crawford
I spoke to Tony Bice ( mortgage consultant) about getting a mortgage for my new home as I was having trouble securing a loan due to my break up of my marriage. I was referred to CLS Investment Services by a friend. It was the best phone call I have ever made.
Suzanne Allen
Forgot to say thank you for the gift that you sent us. the timing was spot on as we had just moved in physically on the dayWe seemed to have fit the essentials into to our finances so thankfully we won’t need to think about a further loan.
Simon Airey
Cathryn and I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for all of your help during the process of purchasing our first home.From the start of our dealings, the first phone call that I received from Tony, I felt comfortable in dealing with you as the manner you spoke to me was very to the point and gave me a feeling of comfort that you knew what you were talking about and were giving me the facts and options as they were. We were able to chat about things comfortably and I felt as if we were simply working through things a couple of mates would discuss rather than a business / client type back and forward, and I liked that.
Leslie Elms
I would like to Thank you and your staff very much over the last few months. The ladies have been pretty good dealing with the Commonwealth Bank and getting back to me, as it has been very frustrating at times and they have calmed me down.
Stella Miliatis
Thanks Tony, I appreciate all your help. J You have been fantastic, not sure what we would do without your help & advice.
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Whether you are purchasing your first home, upgrading to your next home, looking into property investment, or simply wanting to refinance and pay off your existing home loan sooner, our team of mortgage brokers can help you make the right choice and stay on top of your home loan needs with our free service.

All Aussies want straight-forward answers, so get the stress-free advantage of professional, expert advice, lots of choice and let us deal with banks, lawyers and real estate agents.


Tony Bice with his Wife and Daughter

We Won Australia's Finance Broker of the Year! Check Out Our Podcast Interview for the Full Details!

After winning Australia’s Finance Broker of the Year 2021, Tony Bice, First Choice Mortgage Brokers’ Director, sat down with the host of Elite Broker, Annie Kane, to discuss how he runs and built our fully diversified brokerage. Tune in to find out:

  • How Tony Bice diversified his broking business
  • His succession plans
  • Why good SEO is so important
  • And much more

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Mortgage Broker FAQs

Have a Question? Here are some commonly asked questions from our clients, along with the answers. Need More Information? Contact First Choice Mortgage Brokers or book a free appointment today for more expert financial advice. We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

What Is A Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is a financial professional who works on behalf of consumers during a home loan selection process. First Choice Mortgage Brokers specialise in finding the best home loans for clients, as well as helping them prequalify and complete the mortgage application process.

Mortgage brokers work as the middleman for banks and lenders. Usually, they will recommend a range of home loan choices that best match a client’s financial situation from the panel of bank lenders whom they work with.

Many Australians get help from a mortgage broker to save time and money, ensuring that they are getting the best value on their home loan. Even for complicated circumstances, First Choice Mortgage Brokers can help you. For example, we have experience providing mortgages to individuals who have just moved to Australia, self-employed individuals and people who have intricate business finances.

Good mortgage brokers provide the following services:

  • Calculate your borrowing capacity, requirements and goals, which depends on your income, expenses, savings and any equity you have.
  • Provide strategic solutions that would work best for you—catering to your must-haves and nice-to-haves.
  • Any financial advice, including stamp duty, lenders mortgage insurance, pest inspections, council rates etc.
  • Describe how each loan options works, from interest rates, costs and loan features.
  • Apply for the loans you want and oversee the whole application process from start to finish.
  • Supply a written quote including loan type, loan amount, loan duration, interest rates and fees.

At First Choice, our mortgage brokers and finance brokers are available for anyone searching for property loans, loans for small businesses, personal risk insurance and any financial advice in Sydney. We help first-time home buyers, refinances, developers, company owners, and individuals seeking lines of credit, self-managed super funds, and commercial mortgages.

What Does A Mortgage Broker Do?

A mortgage broker will form a strong relationship with you and will work with you to ensure you receive a home loan that suits you and your requirements.

A mortgage broker will aim to understand your personal circumstance which will include your short term and loan term goals as well as your needs and requirements. Your mortgage broker will take into consideration what you’re borrowing amount based on your personal finances and income. A mortgage broker will provide you with knowledge surrounding the best loan for your circumstances and needs, explain any loan options you may have and highlight what is involved including costs such as interest rates and included fees.

A mortgage broker will then assist you with the process of applying for your loan and will liaise with banks on your behalf. At First Choice Mortgage brokers our mortgage brokers are available to assist anyone with any loan enquiries you may have. If you’re looking for quality financial advice in Sydney, don’t hesitate to reach out to First Choice today to get started with your loan process!

Why Is A Mortgage Broker Better Than A Bank?

At First Choice, we have developed many close relationships with over 30 of Australia’s leading banks and lenders. Therefore, our clients have a better chance of finding the most attractive and suitable loan plan for them.

In contrast, a bank will restrict the options presented to you and will not compare their deals with competitors, so, you will only receive a one-sided opinion on your loan. Therefore, when dealing directly with a bank, you cannot guarantee you are getting the best loan. Mortgage brokers provide clients seeking a home loan with much more choice and flexibility. You can rest assured with First Choice Mortgage Brokers for the best deal to suit your needs.

Unlike a bank, our mortgage brokers provide personalised customer service experiences. Each of our clients gets an assigned consultant for the entire duration of the loan with one-on-one time, allowing you to develop trust on a personal level.

First Choice Mortgage Brokers also provides competitive options and affordable interest rates. Unlike a bank, we charge nothing for finding the best home loan for our clients; it is a complimentary programme.

Mortgage brokers also simplify the home loan process a lot more than banks. We deal directly with the preliminary assessments and loan lodgements, so you don’t have to and with a much quicker approval rate. All our clients have to do is supply the required documentation and fill out the initial application.

Unlike bank consultants who are bounded by strict lending policies and loan procedures, First Choice Mortgage Brokers supply clients with specialised loans and flexible plans.

Don’t forget when dealing directly with a bank they can reject you! This can become frustrating as your loan procedure becomes longer and more repetitive. Don’t waste time; speak with a First Choice Mortgage Broker who can provide you with more options than offered by your bank.

How Do Mortgage Brokers Get Paid?

At First Choice, our loan finding services are complimentary for clients. This is because our mortgage brokers are paid with a commission from banks as we supply clients to them, but the commissions are only paid after the home loan has been settled. Commissions are a percentage calculated by a number of factors, including loan-to-value ratio (LVR), size of loan etc.

It is a popular misconception that mortgage brokers advise their customers on unsuitable loans in order to maximise their commissions.

In reality – there is no ulterior motive behind your mortgage broker’s decision. We suggest a few good options for each of our clients and leave the final decision up to you. As holders of an Australian Credit Licence, it is actually against the law for us to assist you in applying for an unsuitable loan.

Why Choose First Choice Over Other Mortgage Brokers in Australia?

Since a mortgage loan is a long-term commitment, even a slight increase of interest will quickly add up. You could save thousands of dollars if you hire an experienced mortgage broker over a mortgage broker with limited expertise.

In fact, there are many differences between mortgage broker agencies and mortgage broker specialists themselves. For example, a large number of Australian mortgage broker agencies are owned by big banks!

  • The Commonwealth Bank owns Aussie Home Loans (CBA).
  • Several banks are shareholders of Mortgage Choice, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).
  • Fast, Plan and Choice are owned by a division of NAB Advantage.

Many more mortgage brokers in Australia are private businesses with little public information about their owners. But First Choice is a wholly owned Australian company with no lenders as partners.

Our mortgage brokers are up for a challenge! Along with the most complicated and complex problems, we can find solutions to any client’s needs and requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out our Client Reviews, which detail our strong expertise and knowledge as we are some of the country’s best mortgage brokers. If a bank has turned you down, we will help you find another option to accept your home loan.

Our professional mortgage brokers at First Choice will work with you to restore your credit history and locate a lender to consider your case.

How Do I Find A Reputable Mortgage Broker in Sydney?

When choosing a mortgage broker, it is important to find a mortgage broker who is experienced in the field and is highly reviewed either through personal recommendations or online reviews to show previous positive and successful experiences. It is possible to find a mortgage broker in Sydney through your lender or bank or through a mortgage broker professional association.

Reach out to the team at first Choice Mortgage Brokers to get started on your home loan application with the best mortgage broker in Sydney!

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For Working With A Mortgage Broker?

When meeting with a mortgage broker for the first time you may have several questions to ask them, which is why it is important to come prepared with all questions and queries you may have. Some of the most common questions people have for mortgage brokers include:

  • Are there fees I will be up for when accepting this loan?
  • Is this the best loan for my circumstance? Why?
  • What is the impact of features and fees of my loan and how will it affect my repayments?
  • Are there features that come with this loan?

Can A Mortgage Broker Provide Me With Various Options?

Yes, a mortgage broker will be able to provide you with multiple options based on your personal circumstances and preferences. If you have preferences it is important to get your mortgage broker know as many people have an idea on the lender they are wanting to use for their loan, such as be the bank you are currently with. The role of a mortgage broker is to provide you with options and show you the comparisons between each lender and possible differing interest rates which make a significant difference to a long-term loan such as a home loan.

First Choice Mortgage Brokers are here to assist you at every step along the way to ensure the loan process is seamless. Our mortgage brokers will provide you with all relevant options and provide you with alternatives based on your preferences such as inclusions of features or searching for the lowest interest rate.

Is Utilising A Mortgage Broker Beneficial?

Working with a mortgage broker is beneficial for many people. Firstly, mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of lenders and products, which means they can help you find the best deal that suits your unique circumstances and needs. They can also negotiate with lenders on your behalf to get you better interest rates and terms.

Secondly, mortgage brokers can save you time and effort. Instead of having to research different lenders and their products yourself, a mortgage broker can do the legwork for you and present you with options that are most suitable for you. This can save you a lot of time and stress, especially if you’re not familiar with the mortgage market.

Lastly, mortgage brokers can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the mortgage process. They can explain the various types of mortgages and the pros and cons of each, as well as answer any questions you may have. This can help you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

What Is The Difference Between Lenders And Finance Brokers?

A lender is a financial institution that makes loans directly to you. Such lenders are required to decide whether or not to approve your loan application, as well as decide what interest rates and loan terms to offer. Depending on your individual financial situation and credit score, lenders may make numerous offers. You will need to do some research and gather various quotes from different lenders to explore your borrowing options.

On the other hand, a finance broker does not lend money. The responsibility of a broker is to supply borrowers with the best financial advice in Sydney and help them find the best lender for their circumstances. They essentially work as the ‘middleman’ between the borrower and the lender.


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