Can Mortgage Brokers Give Financial Advice?

Are you looking for financial advice in Sydney? If you are new to investing, home buying or the commercial market, the endless options that flood Sydney’s financial markets are enough to overwhelm even seasoned experts! Therefore, it’s crucial to seek out financial advice from a trusted professional in the local landscape.

However, deciding which expert to consult is a difficult decision in and of itself as there are many professional advisers who specialise in different financial products. Despite their similar professional outlooks, mortgage brokers, finance brokers and financial planners all offer specialised advice on separate financial endeavours.

So, before you book your financial advice Sydney appointment, it’s essential you understand the differences between each financial profession.


What is a Finance Broker?

A finance broker is a ‘go-between’ who, in most cases, charges a fee for arranging loans paid by you or the lender or both. A finance broker negotiates with lenders on your behalf and helps you secure a loan. Some financial advisors are referred to as “mortgage brokers”, who are a type of finance brokers, but mortgage brokers specialise in arranging real estate loans.


What is a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers have an extensive understanding of property loans and real estate solutions appropriate for various financial conditions. They work with lenders to arrange loans and assist with the procedure until it is completed. When it comes to discussing a client’s debt structure, interest rates, or the best approach to set up a loan, only a mortgage broker who is qualified to give credit advice should be consulted.

However, if a customer wants to talk about long-term investing and innovative ways to approach their financial future, that’s a topic for a financial advisor. While the best mortgage brokers can give some general financial advice to a client, keep in mind that financial planner pros exist for this reason.


What is a Financial Planner?

Financial planners aid in anticipating and managing long-term financial outlooks. They assist in sorting through and choosing financial and insurance options, focusing on retirement planning, estate planning, and investment analysis. In addition, planners are more concerned with long-term wealth growth strategies, as well as super, life, and other types of wealth protection insurance.


So, What Financial Advice Can and Can’t My Mortgage Broker Give Me?

As a mortgage broker goes about their various responsibilities for a customer, they become further entangled with the family’s finances and situations. Clients will begin to feel at ease with their mortgage broker and will eventually inquire about investments, tax advice, company formations, and the like.

While even the best mortgage broker will have a decent sense of what works well based on their experience with previous clients, they are not permitted to give financial advice and should never do so. It is illegal and can lead to a conflict of interest.

Mortgage brokers can help you structure your debt to meet your current needs. They can also provide guidance on the lending procedure and which products or lenders are most likely to be successful. One of the most valuable abilities that best mortgage brokers bring to the table is the ability to advise on ways to save money and interest along the process.

A mortgage broker cannot advise you on how to invest your money or manage your household income to achieve financial success. In addition, a mortgage broker is unable to advise you on any tax-related issues or how to structure your business or personal structure for tax efficiency effectively. Instead, you should hire a trained accountant or financial planner for this.


Can I Use Both a Mortgage Broker and Financial Adviser?

In some cases, bringing in both types of financial professionals are the best option. For example, a mortgage broker can assist you in refinancing or consolidating your debts, necessary so that you can make a financial investment.

After that, the financial planner can take over, where they can assist you in determining the ideal financial strategy with your new capital. The financial adviser will ensure your investment aligns with your financial objectives.

Overall, if you’re looking for a general loan, see a finance broker or if you need a property loan speak to a mortgage broker; if you’re looking for investment guidance, talk to a financial planner.

The decision between a mortgage broker and a financial counsellor is based on your specific circumstances. Of course, if you require further assistance, First Choice Mortgage Brokers can connect you to a planner or an investment property professional.


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Keep in mind that, as much as our Mortgage Brokers want to help and offer you financial advice Sydney, we don’t want to put our clients in a position where they rely on us for more knowledge than we can deliver.

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