Need a Mortgage Broker for an International Property Investment?

Are you a non-resident looking to invest in the Australian property market? Every year thousands of foreign nationals, Australian ex-pats and temporary residents consider purchasing an owner-occupied or investment property in Australia.

We have assisted many non-residents in accessing the property market in Australia, and we understand the lender requirements and processes when it comes to these types of mortgages. We have access to a panel of lenders, and our cutting-edge mortgage software allows us to compare hundreds of different home loan products at once.

Please call First Choice Mortgage Brokers to discuss your International Investment Property opportunities and for any assistance in accessing the International Investment Property application process. We make it our business at First Choice to perform all the legwork for you, saving you time and frustration with reputable financial advice Sydney. Our skilled Sydney mortgage brokers can negotiate with various banks and mortgage lenders on your behalf, some of which you may not have access to as an individual.

Arranging Finance in Australia

  • We arrange the finance for you, and therefore you don’t have to be in Australia to obtain the home loan
  • Lend up to 90% of the property value depending on your situation
  • Loans approved for property purchases are generally deemed as investment loans as the purchaser is not usually able to occupy the residence
  • You will also need to think about releasing equity in an existing property or providing savings to cover the purchase costs, such as stamp duty and government registration fees
  • Contract must be approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board – please check their website on for more information on their application processes
  • Some residential home loan lenders apply a loading on the repayment, which takes into account changes in currency exchange rates

Non-Resident Property Investors

What is a non-resident borrower?

There are many different home loan borrowers. A non-resident borrower refers to those who typically do not hold permanent residency in Australia or are Australian Citizens living and working overseas.

What properties can a non-resident purchase?

To promote new housing development in Australia, non-residents are generally expected to purchase real estate and residential development properties either for construction or off the plan.

International Property Investors FAQs

Where Are the Best Suburbs to Buy Property in Australia?

These are the ten best locations in Australia for international property investors in 2021 and beyond, according to Australian Real Estate Experts:

  • Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Bendigo, Victoria
  • Rockingham, Western Australia
  • Central Coast, New South Wales
  • Toowoomba, Queensland
  • Blacktown, New South Wales
  • Marion, South Australia
  • Orange, New South Wales
  • Moreton Bay Region, Queensland
  • Monash, Victoria

Why Invest in Australian Property?

In Australia’s most populated capital cities Sydney and Melbourne, properties usually double in value every 10 to 12 years. Property investing in Australia is an excellent idea if the right location and property is chosen carefully.

Potential investors just need to look at the performance of median residential property prices in Sydney and Melbourne to see the substantial returns that long-term buyers achieve by purchasing well-located homes.

Investors seeking advice on where to invest in real estate should exercise caution in selecting their advisors, ensuring that any advice offered is not corrupted by commission-driven salespeople. Our mortgage brokers provide free financial services, so we guarantee unbiased advice, committed to helping you get the most beneficial and profitable property for you.

How Can a Foreigner Invest in Australia?

You can invest in Australian property as an Australian resident or as a foreign buyer. You can buy existing property if you have permanent residency or are an Australian citizen. If you are a foreign buyer, you can only purchase a brand-new property in accordance with the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) rules.

Getting your finances pre-approved is the first step in deciding whether investing in Australian real estate is a good choice for you. The next step is to determine which property is appropriate for your specific situation (tax, income, stage of life considerations etc.). Then you must decide which suburbs you want to target, and it is advised that you speak to local financial providers to assist you with the application processes.

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